Coping Skills for Adults With Autism During Pandemic

Coping Skills for Adults With Autism During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all types of distresses on all people. These challenges are perhaps felt more acutely by adults with autism, for whom disruptions and changes in routine may be difficult and traumatic. This is why coping skills are necessary for enduring these times and managing the emotional and psychological pain. While adult autism services exist, it is also recommended that autistic adults practice and hone their coping skills at home with the help of their loved ones.

Coping skills during this pandemic for autistic adults focus on two main areas. These are maintaining routines and prioritizing self-care. One’s pre-pandemic schedule might have changed. Some of us are now working from home. To maintain one’s routine, make sure to continue waking up at the same time, eating breakfast on schedule, and showering regularly. Your midday schedule can then be re-arranged, depending on the different activities you have for each day. Sticking to our daily routines will help us, especially adults with autism, to stay in and feel the familiar setting that we have been used to, preventing disruptions that will likely cause anxiety.

The other coping skill is to practice self-care more. This can be done by taking short breaks through the day, doing breathing exercises and meditation, exercising, journaling, and of course, continuing to take one’s prescribed medications. Social interaction through online means is also a good source of self-care as it allows you to feel the much-needed community inclusion during these times. You may also avail of companionship services offered by our homecare agency in Delaware County.

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