Seniors Choking During Meals and How to Prevent It

Seniors Choking During Meals and How to Prevent It

Choking while eating is common among seniors because of the deterioration of their swallowing function. As we age, there is a loss of muscle strength in the mouth and throat. Medications can also cause dryness of the mouth or lesser production of saliva, which then triggers choking. Our homecare agency in Delaware County suggests that cooking, meal preparation, and eating practices should change when choking happens in your home.

Aside from proper food selection, a lot of other things can be done to avoid choking in seniors while they eat. Following these things will ensure proper senior care at home. First, you should consider your environment. The dining area must be adequately lit and free from distractions to enhance the senior’s focus on eating. Eating together with your senior loved one is also a must so that you can remind them to chew their food well and observe any pre-choking signs. Next, the senior must not eat quickly. The proper way for them to eat is to take small bites, tucking their chin as they swallow food, and sitting up straight while eating. It is also important that the senior avoid talking and drinking liquids while eating.

Posture is important to consider when a senior eats. The right dining posture will provide them greater swallowing ease as it tilts the epiglottis backward and prevents food from entering the airway. If you are unsure about your senior loved ones’ eating habits and practices, professionals from our home healthcare in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania can assist them.

With every home and health problem, we provide a solution, including support and assistance in seniors’ eating practices. Call ALLCARE & ALLIED HEALTH SERVICES LLC today to know more. We also offer adult autism services!

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