Discover How Homecare Aids in Fall and Injury Prevention

Discover How Homecare Aids in Fall and Injury Prevention

Although everyone is susceptible to falling, older adults tend to sustain serious injuries that may impact their health. In the U.S., falls are among the most common cause of non-fatal injuries for the elderly. Falls occur for various reasons such as muscle weakness, fall hazards at home, and issues with balance or coordination. However, with the assistance of a home care agency in Delaware County, their risk of falls can be reduced significantly.

Here, we take a look at how homecare aids in fall and injury prevention in seniors:

  • Improved health and well-being
    Meal preparation is part of a home health aide’s responsibilities. They prepare a well-balanced diet for seniors that consists of protein, calcium, and other essential vitamins for optimum health. They may also assist with physical exercise to enhance balance and improve muscle strength.
  • Access to healthcare and enhanced medication management
    Homecare provides transportation to doctor’s appointments and companionship to important events like birthdays to improve community inclusion without compromising their safety. The former helps manage preexisting conditions to monitor their health. Moreover, a home health aide can aid in medication management and monitor side effects that may increase their risk of falls, such as dizziness and drowsiness.
  • Prevent risk-taking behaviors and other hazards
    Seniors sometimes overestimate their abilities to perform activities such as doing home repairs or moving without the assistance of mobility aids that increases their risk of falls. Home healthcare in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, can prevent these risk-taking behaviors and reduce hazards at home by providing adequate lighting and rearranging the furniture for more spacious paths.

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