Senior Care: Reasons Why Seniors Refuse to Bathe

Senior Care: Reasons Why Seniors Refuse to Bathe

As they age, older adults may develop a reluctancy to bathe for several reasons. Although illness or mobility issues may be to blame, it may also be caused by fear or discomfort. As a provider of home healthcare in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, we will share the reasons why seniors are avoiding bath time:

  • Dulling senses

    Although your nose may be quick to pick up on odors of old sweat or urine, your senior loved one may not be aware of these scents at home. As we grow older, our senses are weakened which may lead to less frequent showers or cleaning.

  • Depression

    Depression manifests itself in many ways. For instance, a loved one who used to enjoy dressing up or socializing with their friends may withdraw from others or refuse to clean up after themselves. In this case, it is preferable to ask the support of a mental health professional who can guide them in addressing their issues. It also helps if they have senior care providers at home who can accompany them.

  • Fear and discomfort

    With age comes many health conditions that may hinder a senior from bathing. Mobility issues and cognitive decline may make it difficult for them to tend to their personal hygiene. Moreover, bathing and cleaning may be uncomfortable as well.

When to seek help

If your senior loved one is exhibiting signs of poor personal hygiene and self-neglect, it may be time to seek additional assistance at home. Through a trusted homecare agency in Delaware County, they receive the support they require to ensure good personal hygiene and health.

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